IMAG0316_zpsf4b912bd[1]The Rampage Keeper:

Nacho Claws is actually not a terrible monster living in a dank cheese cave, eternally guarding the guacamole until true love breaks the curse. She is just a normal-sized human named Ariel who doesn’t understand everyone’s preoccupation with forks. Now that we have cleared up this misunderstanding, nice to meet you and I hope you don’t ever have to watch me eat.

I live in a 5th wheel toy hauler called The Rampage with my boyfriend, Eli. We have been on the road since December 1st, 2012 in an attempt to have as much fun as possible before we die, and pursue our careers as professional amateur athletes. Tune in to hear stories of victory and heartbreak, rock climbing and dirtbike tricks, and tall tales of us not hitting birds with our trailer.

The Rampage (Adventure):rampage mtns

One of the raddest pieces of advice I have ever received was from my cousin, who is a very talented artist. I was in high school, and struggling with depression. All I wanted to know was, “How do you keep from being depressed?” and her answer was simply, “Look at everything as if it is art.”

Taking my cousin’s advice has made my life awesome. Adventure isn’t just hiking in the Grand Canyon, or climbing a dangerous mountain, or travelling to India. Adventure is the way in which you experience situations differently from other people. It isn’t necessary to go to faraway places to have an adventure, and it isn’t guaranteed if you do that you will find it. Adventure is finding new beauty or humor or insanity in whatever you happen upon, even if it’s just some crazy roadkill that you can’t tell whether it’s a sloth or a dog.


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  1. I have witnessed the magestic creature known as Nachoclaws feed. It was a beautifully terrifying experience.

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