The Rampage

“The only ground I ever owned was sticking to my shoes…” -Lonestar, 2003


Not our house.

The only land we’ve ever owned is sticking to our truck via a 5th wheel hitch. It’s a soggy 36 ft. cardboard box that has the word Rampage peeling off on all sides. Once, in a Walmart parking lot a cool dude in a shiny truck welcomed us by mentioning that the graphics on our trailer are fading and he could redo them at his shop. Eli said, “No thanks, we are just gonna run this thing into the ground.” It is actually very luxurious, and we feel lucky to call it our home, especially when a wind storm rips through the campground and everyone’s tents have been reduced to tattered scraps of fabric scattered throughout the desert.


3 axles

38 ft. long (I know I said 36, but we all stretch the truth from time to time)

11 ft. garage with a ramp door, two KLX 250s, 3 crashpads, and a 30 pk of Hamms

Weight of full trailer + truck = 22,600 lbs.

Solar System:

4 x 145 watt solar panels mounted to the roof

2 x 6v deep cycle batteries (although we sorta need 2 more)

Morningstar charge controller and inverter

Xantrex LinkPRO battery monitor





Maybe we should have had that guy work on our decals…

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