Having A Bad Day?

Taco salad is a load of crap and if this were a decent world, when you ordered it what you would receive are Nachos.

There are no first ascents left in the world. Lizards have already done them all, and we are slime.

All photos that aren’t of you are just blank selfies!

If you poop in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, why did you even go to all the trouble?

Sharknado would have been slightly less unrealistic if it had been Crocnado instead, but it’s too late for that. Your happiness is your own responsibility, and the ever-dark lord has given you Sharknado 2.

So this place is a crappy earth and you should be having a bad day.

You know what though? At least crocodiles do beat sharks in fights sometimes, and there are many other taco-flavored things that won’t betray you. So pull yourself together and STAY POOPIN.

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